Weather Image Dumps from NOAA Satellites

Weather Image Dumps from NOAA Satellites

The following stuff were used to decode the APT signals from various NOAA satellites,

  • QFH Antenna tuned to 137 Mhz
  • 1 Mhz - 3 Ghz Wideband LNA
  • RPi for handling the exquisiteness of RTL-SDR
  • And a dumb PC for decoding the APT signals

Attempt 1: NOAA-19 at 24/05/2018 1941

Even I'm not sure of what this image is supposed to mean :P

Attempt 2: NOAA-19 at 25/05/2018 0400

The APT signal was too noisy despite using LNA, but the decoder managed to get a pretty good image.

Attempt 3: NOAA-19 at 25/05/2018 1640

Third time's the charm and finally an image that I'm proud of xD

Attempt 4: NOAA-18 at 25/05/2018 1720

A little noisy, but WXtoIMG managed to figure out the pass and build an overlay

Attempt 5: NOAA-19 at 27/05/2018 0512

Captured the APT signals of satellite pass completely with noise at both start and end, which decodes to this beautiful piece of image

Sanoj Kumar

Sanoj Kumar